What Happened To Backpage And What Are Alternatives For Classified Ads In Germany

Backpage was an advertising website launched in 2004. It was one of the biggest advertising websites in the world competing hand in hand with websites like craigslist. Simply this means that it offered different kinds of advertisements including prostitution advertising. Some of the things that were being offered include jobs, cars, clothes and many more types of advertisements.

However, there has been an increase in the level of human trafficking. Hence the US intelligence went a step further and blocked the operation of back page classified ads. This is because that there was some human trafficking that was happening under their watch. Human trafficking in this era simply has to do with the trafficking for sex purposes. Some of the countries that have been affected highly by this trade include Germany especially selling girls for eastern Europe. This trade has been a menace in the sex industry and has made prostitution banned in very many countries. The trading paradigms have also changed since in some countries the Buyer of the sex is punished but not the owner.

Due to some of these allegations, the back page CEO was arrested. His name is Carl Ferrer and pleaded guilty to the charges. This simply means there was actual sex trafficking in the forum. He accepted charges for money laundering and prostitution.

Though there was a fall in the great giant, there are also a variety of other classified ads in Germany.

Website Link: https://www.markt.de/

Having more than 500, 000 visitors per day, this websites boasts as one of the biggest classified websites in Germany. The website is easy to manoeuvre since there is a search toggle at the top of the website. The website has a mobile phone application that can be downloaded from google play store. On the other hand, if you have an apple device, you can download the application via the app store. The categories are on the left side of the page.

There are basically different categories for products and services. The classified ads categories start from the marketplace to special offers. The search toggle, unlike other classified ads websites, contains two categories. One is where you search what you want. On the other toggle, your search where you want to find the listed categories. E.G If you want to find a dog in Munich. Placing an advert on this website is completely free. Basically, these website is placed things into multiple categories. Let us assume that you are searching on a car, there are very many subcategories that form under that one category. some including car parts and car insurance more to that even boats.

Website link: https://www.kalaydo.de/

This is also one of the biggest classified ad website in Germany. Placing an ad is quite easy. However, this German classified ad network is quite different. This is because you will have to make sure that you that you sign up on the website in order for you to access the website more easily. There is a limited access if you do not have an account on the website.

This website also has a search toggle where the history of everything that has been searched is stored. There are also unique categories like the baby category where you find all the chairs and other things regularly needed by kids. The other unique thing about this category is that you are in a position to know the actual kilometres that you are far from what you need.

The classified ad is also in a position to know the actual time that the classified ad was placed. Just like developed search engines, the website is in a position to know the favourite search categories for you and hence keep them first on the search engines.

Website link: https://www.quoka.de/

This is one of the biggest classified websites in Germany. There quite a large number of categories on the front page. The most notable categories are the partnership and contact and the erotism categories.

From the two categories, you are in a position to know where to look for your wife and girlfriend. There is also quite a big number of brokers who operate on the site and help people to connect with their loved ones or escorts services in your locality. There is also quite a big number of escorts who are doing massage services and will help one to reach the highest levels of erotism. More to that in this site helps you to contact the escort website since there is a direct contact link on the categories.

If you are hurriedly searching on the classified web category, you can also be in a position to make the website remember you. There is basically a star button written remember that you can press and later look at the specific category when you are free. More to that, you can forward an advertisement to be seen by other people you would wish through an arrow button at the bottom of the page.

To access more facilities on the website, you need to ensure that you sign up. The website also has weekly newsletters that enable one to ensure that he or she is in a position to know the current trends and offers. More to that you can also be in a position to search for services using the location. Wheather you are a buyer or on the other hand you are a seller, You are bound to post all that you have free on the site portal. According to the website, there are more than 6000 000 classified advertisements on the website portal. Basically, the website portal works on both town and rural areas of Germany. The website also has an android and an apple application that will enable you to to get to the services in the correct way. This classified website service works in quite a unique way. This is simply because it helps to connect buyers and sellers within a short radius it is what the company aims to achieve.

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