Erotic Massage Berlin

Are you looking for an erotic massage in Berlin? There are a lot of places that you are bound to get one of the best massage services. The erotic massages in Berlin are referred to as massages that end with a happy ending. The erotic massages are offered in different ways. One of the ways the massages can be offered includes a body to body massage.

Here are some of the places that you are bound to get an erotic massage in Berlin.

Luxuria Massage
Website Link:
Lietzenburgerstr. 413. Etage 10789 Berlin
Telephone: +49 1522 7067296

This is one of the biggest and most efficient massage parlours in Berlin. The massage parlour is unique in its own way. This is because there are different girls on the website who offer the services. What you will have to do is to select the girl who you like to be your massaure.
On the website portal of the massage service, You are in a position to choose the girl that you would want to do a massage to you. Below their pictures, the girls display what time they are available for the for the massage services.

The girls are displayed by their names on the profile pictures. If you like the profile picture of a certain girl you can click on the profile of that girl to book an appointment. The massage services are divided into two. There is the special massage, on the other hand, there is the wellness massage. There is also a special type of massage referred to as the candle wax massage where you add some few dollars to enjoy the experience.

Some of the massage services offered by girls in this massage centre include the following. There is the classic massage, there is also the hot stone massage and others. There is also the lomilomi massage and lastly the Nuru massage.

The girls who offer you the massage services are referred to as the massage is referred to as the seductive team. There are a variety of rooms that you can take for massage. The massage parlor owners generally call those rooms the ambience rooms.

Some of the rooms available for the massage services include the hallway, bath, mirror, secret VIP Lounge, green lounge and the pool lounge.

Each of the room is different in its own way. The charge for the services starts from 20 minutes where the charge is 20 to 25 Euros. The largest massage takes 2 hours where the charge is 100 Euros.

Sensual Massage
Address: Brandenburgische Str. 73, 10713 Berlin, Germany
Sunday 12– 11 PM
Monday 11 AM– 11 PM
Tuesday 11 AM– 11 PM
Wednesday 11 AM– 11 PM
Thursday 11 AM– 11 PM
Friday 11 AM– 11 PM
Saturday 12– 11 PM

Phone: +49 30 86396128

This is one of the places that you are bound to get an erotic massage in Berlin. The massage parlour is located on the Brandenburgische Street. There are a variety of girls that will help you get a sensual massage. Anyone is available as long as you contact her. However, the administration is going to tell you which girls are available at that particular time
The rooms that the massage is offered are referred to as the ambience rooms. On the website portal of sensual massage services, you are able to see different rooms where massage is offered on the ambience column.

The ambience column is the third on the category at the top of the website page. On the masseur’s column, you are in a position to view different seductive masseurs who will be in a position to give you the best massage that you would like. There is a pact full of photos of girls that you would select from to get the best massage services.
You can also contact the massage parlor directly to get their services.

There are also male masseurs on this massage parlor. The other unique thing about this website is that there are some of the girls who offer double message. Usually, the girls who offer double massage are two. More to that they offer a body to body massage where the girl rubs her nude body on the male accomplice.

Usually, when you click on the picture of the masseur, you are in a position to know a lot of information about that masseur. This is because they disclose their information on the biography page of the individual escort.

Some of the information that the escorts disclose is their height. They are also in a position to disclose their boob size and shape. Most importantly, they are also able to disclose the languages they know. A majority of the girls here understand English and German. However, there are also some of the girls who understand Spanish and Hindu. This erotic massage parlor has more than 10 rooms for the massage services. You are also bound to get any type of girl since there are very many races in Berlin. This is largely contributed by the fact that Berlin is at a central point in Europe. In fact, a majority of the girls who are offering their massage services here are from eastern Europe.

The other thing you need to note about the girls who offer massage service is this parlor is mobile. By this I mean you can contact the massage parlor and get the girl to your hotel room. However, the services you are bound to get from the hotel room are limited since there are no appropriate facilities for that.

Some of the types of the massage that you are bound to meet here include the tantra massage, the Nuru massage, the eye-close ritual, the couple and the dominant massage.

This massage parlor is favorable for people who have cars since there is a big parking lot.
If you have a query the erotic massage parlor has a contact form sheet on its portal where you can fill in details. The contact sheet is on the contact icon on the categories at the top of the homepage. You can also contact them via this number 030-863 961 28 to get replies from the admin.

This is some of the massage parlors that you are bound to find in BERLIN.

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