• Our photo diary takes you behind the scenes at Fashion Week
  • Deadly Möbius Strips at Rohkunstbau
  • Luther revamped: urban art in today's Berlin
  • A taste of international street food with Bite Club
  • Stay cool this summer at Haubentaucher
  • Defeat and liberation: remembering the war

Humans of Street Food Thursday – a photo diary

Located in Markthalle Neun on Kreuzberg’s Eisenbahnstraße, this vast indoor food market offers edible treats from around the world and an excellent opportunity for people watching.  [READ MORE]

Berlin Phantasmagoria: Surrealism and the best of the 20th century

Three bowler hats take a break from flying on a rosebush; a woman follows a cloaked creature with a mirror for a face through Hollywood; a crazed man crawls towards his wife, held back by their apartment furniture. This, dear readers, is what you will find at the cinema of the Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg, Berlin’s magnificent museum of Surrealist art located just opposite Charlottenburg castle.  [READ MORE]

Kollwitzstraße: families, film stars & Käthe herself

If you’ve walked along Unter den Linden up to the Brandenburg gate, chances are you’ve walked past or been inside the Neue Wache, which since German reunification houses the sculpture of a mother and child dedicated to all victims of war and human violence. The sculpture was made by German Expressionist artist Käthe Kollwitz, who lived and worked at 56a on the street we now know as Kollwitzstraße. [READ MORE]

Fire and Forget. On Violence.

Give someone a weapon and they’ll soon have a target, author Martin Gerhard Reisenberg once said. The exhibition “Fire and Forget” at KW Berlin places familiar images of war, our ambivalence toward weapons and fascination with violence at its focus.  [READ MORE]

Coming full circle: Fashion Week July ’15 round-up

It’s her final FW assignment. Berlin&I, a little bleary-eyed, snaps away at the runway of the Ethical Fashion show at Postbahnhof. Enter a hunky group of lads wearing nothing but pairs of ethically manufactured underwear. The faces look familiar… [READ MORE]

Coffi: a piece of Italy in Berlin

Coffi Italian film and arts festival (July 9 – 12) is here. If you haven’t been already, expect music, arts exhibits, short and feature film screenings, crafts workshops and events for your bambini, like the kids’ jam session on Sunday afternoon. [READ MORE]

Berlin Fashion Week: photo diary

Berlin&I presents you with some visual highlights from some of Berlin’s hippest trade fairs, as well as the Fashion Technology Awards, the Olympus Pen pop-up gallery and the Ethical Fashion Showroom and runways at Postbahnhof. [READ MORE]

Ethics, skaters & tech: a very Berlin Fashion Week 2015

A stranger suddenly accosts Berlin&I in the U-Bahn. Berlin&I is distracted, trying to buy a ticket whilst holding a nice-looking Canon camera. Berlin&I, at this particular moment, does not have the time for strangers.
Stranger: “Are you a Fashion Week photographer?”
Berlin&I: ”No, not really.”
Stranger: “Oh. We were just wondering if you could help us. We’ve got a casting and we’re lost.”
Berlin&I looks up suddenly realises she’s talking to a huddle of male models.
Berlin&I: ”Where do you need to go?”  [READ MORE]

Dancing on the volcano [Berlin&I print amendment]

The Berlin of the twenties had an intense lust for life and experienced an incredibly fruitful time for art and culture. The pulsating global city was the centre of the avant-garde and home to the some of the world’s most famous artists and academics. Revolutionary cultural movements like Dada and Bauhaus architecture made their mark on this era just as much as inflation and the Great Depression. [READ MORE]