• Get your snowballs ready
  • Love: a new exhibition
  • Reichenberger Straße - Home of fashion
  • An autumnal stroll through Friedrichshain
  • The Wall of light: Berlin remembers 25 years
  • Style guide: interior investigations

Roncalli: Dizzy Christmas at Tempodrom

If you feel a bit dizzy in the run-up to Christmas, it wasn’t necessarily to much mulled wine. Roncalli Weihnachtscircus (Christmas circus) is back in town at the Tempodrom with vertiginous acrobatics and poetic anecdotes.  [READ MORE]

Bridging the gap between Berlin and Paris

As the countdown to Christmas is in full swing, everybody’s got something on their plate. Present shopping, decorating the tree, getting that last project done at work – sometimes it all just gets a bit much.  [READ MORE]

Ken Adam: Villains’ lairs and big boys’ toys

Sir Ken Adam is one of the few cinema superstars who isn’t a director, actor, or writer. As a production designer, responsible for the overall “look” of a film, he is rightly recognised as perhaps the best in his field. [READ MORE]

The new face of beauty

A couple of Fridays ago, I left Berlin&I HQ a little early, jumped on the S-Bahn and headed towards Charlottenburg. This isn’t exactly characteristic Friday behaviour, but wasn’t without good reason: a new pop-up store in Bikini Berlin, and the promise of everything a beauty enthusiast could want under a single roof. [READ MORE]

True to tradition

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Tschaikowsky’s “The Nutcracker”. It just wouldn’t feel quite right. Luckily, we won’t be left disappointed this year – the Berlin Staatsballett are performing the Christmas classic at the Deutsche Oper. [READ MORE]

All hope is not lost

Burnt dinner, heavy snow, treacherous ice and power cuts, family arguments, embarrassing gifts and excessive drunkenness – there’s so much that can go wrong at Christmas! Nevertheless, actor Hans-Jürgen Schatz and author Horst Pillau are back with another festive show and ready to prove that Christmas can go well.  [READ MORE]

A picture says a thousand words

It all began in 1968. Frieder Burda discovered a work by the Italian avant-garde artist Lucio Fontana, a red canvas with three gaping incisions. He couldn’t get the painting out of his mind. Over forty years later, it is the corner stone of his extensive collection, one of the most important private modern art collections in Germany. To celebrate the tenth anniversary of Frieder Burda Museum in Baden-Baden, the Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle (art gallery) is exhibiting a selection of 113 works on paper from the collection, only rarely seen by the public before. [READ MORE]

Love is in the air

Christmas is the season of love. Or at least that’s what the unrelenting Christmas pop songs, playing on loop in every shop, are telling us. But you have to admit, with a helping hand from a sprig of mistletoe or a few mulled wines to cloud your judgement, this time of year definitely brings out the lovey-doveyness in all of us. And, for those of you wanting to embrace this new tenderness of feeling, the latest photography exhibition at Camera Work is just the thing. [READ MORE]

Art about women, by women

Gender is part of our identity. Be it in the office or at home, socialising with friends or out shopping, everything we do is shaped by the gender roles our society has constructed. But talking about men and woman as if they fit into some form of gender binary has become increasingly problematic. Gender is more complex. A new exhibition at the me Collectors Room has nevertheless leapt into this gender minefield, displaying works by female artists from the Olbricht collection. [READ MORE]