• An autumnal stroll through Friedrichshain
  • The Wall of light: Berlin remembers 25 years
  • Style guide: interior investigations
  • Art Week & beyond
  • Domäne Dahlem: a village in the city
  • New life on the death strip: 25 years on

Worker today, pensioner tomorrow

Startup businesses are a phenomenon of the modern working world – especially in Berlin. Everything from your goals, to where you work, your working hours, and how you dress is self-determined. You have the lifestyle you choose. [READ MORE]

Helmut Newton – unaffected, uninhibited, undressed

Entering the lobby of the Helmut Newton Foundation, you’re immediately confronted by five enormous portraits of naked women. Welcome to Newton’s “big nudes”. Whatever your reaction, you have to admit they’re striking. These women aren’t objects of photography, they’re subjects. They stare straight down the camera lens, strong and fearless. These five prints have hung here since the foundation was established in 2003. [READ MORE]

Youth theatre closes ranks

Germany exports more weapons than Britain or France. In fact, it exports more weapons than any other country in the world apart from America or Russia. Last year, 100,000 school pupils took part in events run by the German armed forces, and discussions over the use of combat drones by the German military are still heated. [READ MORE]

“Last Christmas” time again: a beginner’s guide to the Weihnachtsmarkt

Berlin’s citizens and visitors come in every shape, size, nationality and disposition. Luckily, there’s a Christmas market to suit every single one. [READ MORE]

Berlin by Bernd

Berlin&I’s very own tour guide, Bernd Gutberlet, knows Berlin off by heart, inside out, and like the back of his hand. He’s your man if you want to learn about the city. [READ MORE]

A new look for an old museum

Just a short – and well signposted – walk from the retail paradise that is Potsdamer Platz, shopaholics can get another fashion fix. [READ MORE]

Joyeux Noël

Christmas has come early at Galeries Lafayette. Tonight (Friday 21st November) treat yourself to a night of Christmassy fun courtesy of the department store. [READ MORE]

Peter Pan: the boy who wouldn’t grow up

Welcome to the Wintergarten Varieté. A place where you’ll never grow old and all of your dreams come true. All you have to do, is believe. OK, so this might not be strictly true all of the time, but from now into the new year, the Wintergarten theatre will transform into Neverland – a place where anything can happen.  [READ MORE]

Salon K Privé: unashamedly intimate

Surreptitiously we ring the doorbell of an “Altbau” apartment building in Wilmersdorf, step into the historic looking lift and jerkily travel upwards. Welcome to Salon K Privé. [READ MORE]