• Deadly Möbius Strips at Rohkunstbau
  • Luther revamped: urban art in today's Berlin
  • A taste of international street food with Bite Club
  • Stay cool this summer at Haubentaucher
  • Defeat and liberation: remembering the war
  • Century-old modernity: Bauhaus is back!

Escape to nature on Auguststraße

Stop by the famous Auguststraße in Mitte to take a look at a new photography exhibit, curated by Janos Frecot, former head of the photographic collection at the Berlinische Galerie, and escape from the glaring summer heat while you’re at it. [READ MORE]

Dance classes & theatre under the stars

With the much-anticipated arrival of the summer holidays the majority of theatres are now closed. Should you find yourself in Berlin in early July you still have the chance to see Sebastian Nübling’s “Fallen” in the courtyard of the Maxim Gorki theatre, named “Theater des Jahres” – “theatre of the year” in 2014. [READ MORE]

Not for the indecisive: 48 Stunden Neukölln

Neukölln is seen as one of the most exciting Berlin districts with a thriving international community and booming arts scene. 48 Stunden Neukölln (48 hours Neukölln, Jun 26 – 28) is a summertime district-wide festival celebrating Neukölln’s creative flair and social engagement.  [READ MORE]

An exhibition that leaves no trace

Tino Sehgal leaves no traces behind. No objects, no photos, no catalogue. People themselves are the artworks in his mysterious “situations”. Sehgal’s performers engage visitors in conversation, they sing, suddenly run away together or clap their hands. [READ MORE]

Rohkunstbau: A Brandenburg Apocalypse

Anyone who knows their Prussian history will be familiar with the story of Friedrich der Soldatenkönig (Frederick the soldier king, or Frederick I) who wanted to have his son and his son’s friend executed for attempted desertion. His advisors said killing his own son would be bad PR so he just had the friend executed instead.  [READ MORE]

A feather headdress & jokes at the expense of East German states

Germany isn’t famous for it’a comedy, and there’s a reason for that. German humour. It’s different. There’s a lot of overdone slapstick, much ensuing Schadenfreude and guffawing – anyone who has been forced to watch German New Year’s Eve favourite short film, Dinner For One, by a well-meaning German friend will understand this only too well – but that’s okay. [READ MORE]

Visions of an imperfect world

The World Press Photo exhibition at the Willy-Brandt-Haus doesn’t necessarily make for the most cheerful afternoon’s entertainment. A quick stroll around the elegant gallery, located in the headquarters of governing coalition partners the SPD, backs up the age-old observation that good news rarely makes the front pages. [READ MORE]

Five years, five buttons: Berlin store meets Levi’s

The second you walk through the door of Soto, a small menswear store located just off the corner of Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, you can’t help but notice the pillars coated in denim that run through the shop. [READ MORE]

Ice-cold kisses from Italy: Berlin’s best new gelateria

The phrase “I think I just died and went to heaven” is perhaps overused when it comes to describing pleasurable experiences, but today Berlin&I has no alternative. Don’t believe us? Read more to be convinced and maybe even win a tasting experience for yourself and a friend.  [READ MORE]