• Luther revamped: urban art in today's Berlin
  • A taste of international street food with Bite Club
  • Stay cool this summer at Haubentaucher
  • Defeat and liberation: remembering the war
  • Century-old modernity: Bauhaus is back!
  • West Berlin revisited

Radically Modernised: Berlinische Galerie is back

If you would be interested in boarding a spaceship or travelling back in time to a futuristic city that never quite happened, then the Berlinische Galerie is the place for you. The Galerie, a museum of modern art, photography and architecture, has just been reopened after renovation with four brand new exhibitions.  [READ MORE]

Let’s get physical: Sports Week & cycling in Berlin

May 30 – June 6 is Berlin’s first ever Sports Week. This may come as a surprise to any of you who are aware of Berlin’s status as the “Sportmetropole Deutschlands”, or “Germany’s number one sporting city”.  [READ MORE]

Obedience: a contemporary perspective on an age-old tale

If you were told to kill a child, would you? A new exhibition at the Jewish Museum: Gehorsam (Obedience) unpicks a famous and problematic biblical story to look more closely at human nature and the religious teachings that have shaped our society over the last millennia. [READ MORE]

ImEx: a novel take on Impressionist and Expressionist art

The Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery) on Berlin’s famous Museum Island is opening a new exhibition, Impressionism – Expressionism: Art at a Turning Point, on May 22. The exhibition, also known as ImEx, deliberately provokes comparison between the two movements – something which “we [the organisers] were surprised has never been done before”, said the exhibition’s curator, Dr. Angelika Wesenberg. [READ MORE]

Eat, sing and dance your heart out at Karneval der Kulturen

Hundreds of thousands of revellers are expected to take to the streets to take part in the Karneval der Kulturen (Carnival of Cultures), a four-day long celebration of Berlin’s international communities.  [READ MORE]

Leave your comfort zone

If the aim of art is to disturb the comforted and comfort the disturbed, there is perhaps no more direct way to experience the comfort (or indeed unsettling effect) of art than through performance, since the possibility for live, spontaneous interaction between audience and artist is a key component of this art form.


Martin Luther meets urban art

“If I knew the world ended tomorrow I’d still plant an apple tree today.” This is the message integrated into a gigantic new mural, which has transformed the appearance of the Heinrich Böll Library in Prenzlauer Berg. [READ MORE]

Activism through music: Pungwe Night in Berlin

Pungwe is the word for an all-night vigil in Shona, a language spoken by a large portion of the Zimbabwean population. On Friday May 15 a Pungwe Night, a party-and-politics event initiated in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare in 2013, will be coming to Berlin’s party mile on Revaler Straße.


Master counterfeiter turns over a new leaf

Notorious art counterfeiter Wolfgang Beltracchi who was involved in Germany’s biggest art forgery trial to date was sentenced to six years in prison for fraud amounting to €16 million in 2011. The paintings for which Beltracchi stood trial were just a small handful of the artworks forged and sold by Beltracchi and his accomplices. To this day no one is quite sure to how much his forgeries amount. Now a selection of his own pieces are on display at the Kurt Mühlenhaupt Museum not far from Berlin.