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Religious ritual on a knife edge

Often described as the “atheist capital of Europe”, Berlin definitely has something interesting to say about religion. And now, a new exhibition at Berlin’s Jewish Museum openly explores a very sensitive religious tradition. From the perspective of the three monotheistic religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam – the exhibition presents the realities of ritual circumcision. [READ MORE]

Scintillating stand-up

Big names, intimate setting – these are two of the ingredients that go into Quatsch Comedy Club’s shows. Live performance isn’t just a spectacle here – it’s a way of life. [READ MORE]

Bringing Europe into focus

From war to freedom, tolerance to protest, crisis to exultation: in the last 100 years Europe (and Berlin) has seen it all. Kicking off today, 16th October, the European month of photography Berlin will convert the city into a portfolio of European history. [READ MORE]

Dive into classical music

Berlin continues to surprise us with the weird and the wonderful. So why not a classical music concert in an old swimming pool? [READ MORE]

Fashion visionaries

Young fashion designers have to work hard to get noticed. And Galeries Lafayette, which has long supported up-and-coming designers in Berlin, has rewarded three of them with an exhibition space. [READ MORE]

You are what you eat

Berlin’s food scene was somewhat of a latecomer, but it has certainly made up for lost time. The capital’s culinary world is internationally influenced, locally produced, ever developing, and fresh from the oven. In celebration of this, the first ever Berlin Food Week (7-12 Oct) will bring us the taste of the city. From street food to Michelin star chefs, food swapping to kitchen surfing, gastronomic surprises to gastronomic prizes – the Berlin Food Week promises something for every palate. [READ MORE]

Berlin undressed

Photo-Blogger Oliver Rath never fails to provoke a reaction with his candid pictures, which hide nothing. Naked skin was also not lacking at the opening of his photography exhibition to mark the launch of his first book “Berlin Bohème”. [READ MORE]

Food for thought

Markthalle Neun has quickly become famous for its street food events. This weekend, the four day foodie festival Stadt Land Food (town countryside food) takes over Kreuzberg and promises an array of culinary delights.


Crime under construction

One man designed a new Germania on an Olympian scale; one man signed a contract with the SS for the eviction of Berlin Jews from 24,000 homes; just one man did both. For Hitler’s architect and general inspector, Albert Speer, Berlin was not just a city. “They used the city as a stage, as a setting for enacting the didactorship,” explained Gernot Schaulinski, curator of the exhibition ‘Mythos Germania: Vision und Verbrechen’ (‘Vision and Crime’). In the classic Berlin Second World War exhibitions, the death tolls, locations of concentration camps, and the chronology of Hitler’s rise to power are all well displayed. But there is simply too much important material to cover, meaning that some finer, specialist details have to be left out, such as the Nazi’s blueprints and beginnings of an architectural overhaul of Berlin. Of course, in history, there was nothing beyond the Second World War as far as the Nazi regime was concerned. But this was not the intention: the Nazi’s had much bigger plans, involving a complete architectural make-over of many German cities. [READ MORE]