• Domäne Dahlem: a village in the city
  • New life on the death strip: 25 years on
  • Berlin's got green fingers!
  • A wander through Berlin's green spaces
  • A tour of Berlin through the ages

Embrace the music

Music and dance have a close relationship, but they never usually mix. In ‘Vortex Temporum’, the two come into physical contact: they mingle intimately with one another on stage, in the form of seven dancers and six musicians. Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, a master of the European contemporary dance form, is making her mark at the ‘Tanz im August’ festival with the Berlin première of her choreographical masterpiece. Dancers from her own company ‘Rosas’ will perform alongside musicians from the contemporary music ensemble ‘Ictus’. Although they start out as separate entities, throughout the piece they become smoothly entwined, spiralling slowly into each other. The musicians’ movements become dance, the dancers’ rhythm becomes music.


Bring on the beef and beer once more

We’re coming down to the last few weekends of summer now so some consolation is needed. Fortunately, the people at the Beer&Beef Festival have decided to bring the festival back to Urban Spree and RAW-Gelände this weekend. After two successful rounds this season, you can expect more delicious, hand-picked street food and beer and drinks from small breweries. With music from DJs and bands too, it’ll really be a feast for all the senses. [READ MORE]

A Night at the Palace

If you take the train out to Potsdam this Saturday evening, you won’t just find yourself surrounded by beautiful imperialistic buildings, but also by the pomp and glory of the Prussian kings who once lived there will also be brought into the present. The grounds and follies around the Sanssouci estate will remain open into the evening on Saturday so you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of that extravagant baroque lifestyle. [READ MORE]

A walk through the past

As you may already have heard, November this year will mark 25 years since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Walking through the centre of Berlin today, it can be hard to imagine just what the atmosphere in 1989 was like. Well, the English Theatre Berlin is running a special season, which actually includes two guided walks and other ‘on-site’ performances exploring this period of history:  25 Jahre Mauerfall or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ossis/Wessis hopes to put the events of 1989 into context and the season is beginning with a special audio audio tour this weekend. [READ MORE]

Miles Mysteries: A vision of the bizarre

Throughout the first half of August at the Halle Tanzbühne, the cie. toula limnaios dance company will be performing their Goya inspired work, miles mysteries, for the very first time. Expect powerful contemporary dance which explores the darker side of the human condition. [READ MORE]

Art that doesn’t break the bank

If you’re into art, then collecting works by other artists can become a very expensive hobby. Well, if you’re on a budget but want to expand your collection, or simply want something nice to put in your home, then the ‘Art…Essenz’ fair which starts on Friday and continues over the weekend is worth checking out as the prices for the pieces of art on offer are capped at 100 euros. [READ MORE]

Blues and Barbecues

Do you like jazz? Do you like barbecues? Well, who doesn’t? This weekend, the Kulturbrauerei is combining the two to create the ‘Mississippi Blues and Barbecue Festival’, a two-day event that looks set the capture the essence of the southern states and the immense tradition behind blues music. [READ MORE]

Summer excursions: Dahlem

Going for an adventure within a city you already know is incredibly satisfying. It gives you a breath of fresh air and a new sense of perpective akin to spending a couple of days away, but without splashing the cash. Now that we’re experiencing some lovely sunshine, it’s the perfect time to head to those places you’ve heard of, but never ventured to- take Dahlem, for example. It’s a small area of Berlin with a charming village feel: it’s green and calm, but despite its size, is also packed full of surprises.  [READ MORE]

Otto Piene: A Composer of Lights

Tomorrow marks the opening of an exhibition with a difference: a large part of it takes place during the night. Otto Piene’s new exhibitions, under the banner of ‘More Sky’, will be held at the Neue Nationalgalerie and the Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle, with a spectacular ‘Sky Art Event’ taking place on Saturday evening which will feature enormous air sculptures floating up into the Berlin sky.  [READ MORE]