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  • New life on the death strip: 25 years on
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Crime under construction

One man designed a new Germania on an Olympian scale; one man signed a contract with the SS for the eviction of Berlin Jews from 24,000 homes; just one man did both. For Hitler’s architect and general inspector, Albert Speer, Berlin was not just a city. “They used the city as a stage, as a setting for enacting the didactorship,” explained Gernot Schaulinski, curator of the exhibition ‘Mythos Germania: Vision und Verbrechen’ (‘Vision and Crime’). In the classic Berlin Second World War exhibitions, the death tolls, locations of concentration camps, and the chronology of Hitler’s rise to power are all well displayed. But there is simply too much important material to cover, meaning that some finer, specialist details have to be left out, such as the Nazi’s blueprints and beginnings of an architectural overhaul of Berlin. Of course, in history, there was nothing beyond the Second World War as far as the Nazi regime was concerned. But this was not the intention: the Nazi’s had much bigger plans, involving a complete architectural make-over of many German cities. [READ MORE]

The past is present

This year we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall, and this Friday German unity. But we mustn’t forget what caused the wall to fall, namely those who bravely risked punishment to protest for change. A new project will give us a chance to meet them. Running from the 7th – 9th October in four German cities, including Berlin, the initiative remembers the peaceful demonstrations of 1989.  [READ MORE]

Interior investigations

Our style guide columnist, Nikolas Feireiss, introduces us to the latest designs that are hitting Berlin. From knitted lamps and chairs to wooden rugs, sustainable and traditional craftsmanship is taking on a whole new meaning. Join us on a tour through apartments with unusual interior design.  [READ MORE]

Behind the party scenes

Bettina Rheims has travelled the world, and so have her artworks: her intimate portraits of celebrities won her respect and popularity in countries as far-flung as Japan, Russia and the USA, as well as of course in Germany. Now there will be a meeting of metropolitan cultures in her Berlin exhibition of the series ‘Bonkers – A Fortnight in London’. In the English capital, the French artist wove her way through fashionable circles and documented her encounters with young, bright starlets. Her visit took place in 2013, but the evidence was never exhibited – until now. [READ MORE]

Jumping for joy, dancing for disaster

Champagne, glee and chaos – where else could you find all three together but at a wedding? Well, perhaps also at the comic boulevard theatre, Theater am Kurfürstendamm. The chick-flick stars who split sides with their musical, ‘Heisse Zeiten’ (‘Hot Times’), return to the Kurfürstendamm stage with the sequel, ‘Höchste Zeit! – Der Erfolg geht weiter’ (‘High Time! – the success goes on’). The leading quartet will be singing and dancing their way through one of the trickiest times in life, and of course, not everything will go according to plan. [READ MORE]

No time like the present – Berlin Art Week 2014

Clear your diaries for a night of fun and madness: Berlin Art Week 2014 begins from tonight, 16th September! The highlight will be the opening of the exhibition ‘Schwindel der Wirklichkeit’ (‘Vertigo of Reality’). [READ MORE]

Berlin gets bookish

Words are taking over Berlin. If you have read our magazine, then you will know that everyone is talking about the Internationales Literaturfestival Berlin, the 14th of its kind. Discussions, readings, and lectures will be taking place day and night until 20th September. [READ MORE]

It’s all about attitude

Where does art stand in society today? In a daring piece of self-experimentation, the performer Anja Müller is putting on a one-woman musical. [READ MORE]

Sept/Oct 2014: art, good food & construction

September is the time when Berlin gets started again. After the summer break the museums bring out new exhibitions, the theatres celebrate premieres of operas, plays and shows. The Berlin Festival rocks out by the River Spree and the Art Week draws art-lovers into the city. As always, Berlin&I gives you an overview of the best events. The Museum Island is home to innumerable cultural treasures and is a reason in itself to visit Berlin. But some of the buildings which make up the UNESCO World Heritage site are in urgent need of renovation and the Museum Island is now a large building site. Sometimes this results in disappointment for visitors who find themselves standing in front of closed doors. Michael Eissenhauer, director-general of the National Museums of Berlin, tells us in our interview what is happening on the Museum Island and in other important Berlin museums. Sarah Wiener (featured on our cover) gives us a taste of better food. And our tour guide reminds us about the last days of the GDR, which met its end 25 years ago.




Coverfoto: Valeria Mitelman