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Underground theatre

In 1963 in the bakery on Bernauer Straβe, an escape tunnel was dug. It enabled – on two separate occasions – 60 people to flee to the West. And in 1964 in the basement of Bernauer Straβe 78, 29 people fled to the West through a tunnel built by students. These were just two of many tunnels built to escape the Berlin Wall. Now, the street’s subterranean depths will tell two more stories of escape. Directed by Momo Kohlschmidt, “Im Tunnel” (“In the Tunnel”) will be performed at the Berliner Unterwelten (underworlds) theatre in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the fall of the wall. Just as the theatre’s name suggests, the performance will happen underground! [READ MORE]

The problematic poetic past

Using modern language to remember the past, you sometimes hit a wall. Well, the “Mauerfälle festival” will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Wall using the words of past poets. And their startling poignancy reminds us that the past really wasn’t that long ago. [READ MORE]

Nov/Dec 2014: the wall is gone, Christmas is coming

The newest issue of Berlin&I is out now. The November/December magazine is available at kiosks and in Berlin’s best hotels. This issue focuses on the anniversary of the fall of the Wall. … 25 years ago the Berlin Wall fell. The city remembers its happiest day in recent history with many events, large and small, and a spectacular light installation. 8000 illuminated balloons will mark the former course of the Wall and will be released into the sky on 9th November. The event should remind people all over the world that all borders can be overcome – even if they appear to be immovable. You can find out more about the events celebrating the anniversary here[READ MORE]


Coverfoto: Esther Perbandt photographed by Oliver Rath

At home with C/O Berlin

“We are on”. C/O Berlin’s new motto is full of excitement, but also a hint of relief. Founded back in 2000, C/O Berlin had no set location, detailed plans or great budget to speak of. But they weren’t to be dissuaded. [READ MORE]

Trick or treat?

Halloween means two things: fright and flesh. And the decadent “Gin Palace Cabaret” show won’t shy away from either element. Hosted by a spandex clad, seven foot tall blue bunny, the attitude-packed variety show promises a Halloween like no other. [READ MORE]

The little world at large

Born at the Wintergarten Varieté in 2012, “LITTLE BIG WORLD” returns to its birthplace to close its European tour. Step into a miniature world of illusion, where all dimensions are skewed and perspectives knocked off course. Oh, and sharks fly in the sky. Using video magnification and projection, life’s little things reveal their enormous magical capabilities. [READ MORE]

Take a walk on the “wyld” side

Hundreds of legs flying up in a row, loud show tunes and excessively sparkly costumes. All this and – if you can believe it – even more will take to the stage at the Friedrichstadt-Palast, as its new show “The Wyld” premieres today (23rd October). Dynamic stunts and extravagant stage settings are taken straight from the theatres of Las Vegas, bombarding the audience’s senses with bright lights, dazzling colours, and all that jazz. [READ MORE]

Views, votes and viral videos

30 years ago Berlin’s interfilm festival became the home of the short film scene. The modern world of film and cinema is hardly recognisable; but interfilm is still there. [READ MORE]

Religious ritual on a knife edge

Often described as the “atheist capital of Europe”, Berlin definitely has something interesting to say about religion. And now, a new exhibition at Berlin’s Jewish Museum openly explores a very sensitive religious tradition. From the perspective of the three monotheistic religions – Christianity, Judaism and Islam – the exhibition presents the realities of ritual circumcision. [READ MORE]