Looking for Paradise at Sanssouci

The sun is finally shining over Berlin and this means that it is the perfect time to head outdoors and start exploring. Park Sanssouci, Frederick the Great’s summer retreat in Potsdam, is offering an open-air exhibition ‘Paradiesapfel’ (apple of Paradise) until the end of October, enabling you to discover the historic gardens with all your senses.

The exhibition aims to help visitors to see the park in new ways, exploring the relationship between the architecture and history of the beautiful palaces, their grounds and the arts. There are three main themes: cultivation, design and enjoyment which are presented through nineteen different stations around the park.

You can see how Frederick the Great combined practicality and pleasure at the park’s Eastern Pleasure Ground, where he even used to grow pineapples in his orchard. A walk around the New Palace grounds reflects how the park became a stage for Frederick the Great’s royal personality and the exhibition also encourages you to take in the different views of the idyllic grounds of the Charlottenhof Palace.

There is also a special exhibition taking place at the Roman Baths, ‘From Flowered Chambers and Landscaped Interiors’ which explores the links between architecture and the interiors of the great palaces.

Entrance to the park is free (although you are expected to make a donation) and a map and information leaflet of the different stations is available for 2 euros. There are also guided tours, ‘On the search for paradise’, around the area between the New Palace and the Roman baths which take place every second and fourth Sunday of the month.

Schloss Sanssouci
General visitor information: 03319694200

Paradiesapfel Guided Tours
Meeting Point: Visitor Center at the New Palace
Am Neuen Palais 3
Every second and fourth Sunday of the month, starting at 11:00 and lasting 2 hours. Cost: 10 euros.
Reservation: 033127 55 88 99



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  1. Julie sagt:

    Lovely! I’d love to just lose myself in these beautiful gardens on a hot summer’s day!

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